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Vermi~Love Worm Farm & more LLC - Good nutrition begins with good soil
We are dedicated to creating greener communities. Transforming materials like produce scraps into worm castings,  the best soil conditioner and plant fertilizer. 
Vermicompost is basically worm poop, that has a very sweet earthy smell. 
Our vermicompost is sold 'live, never sterilized!  All the beneficial microbes (aka bacteria and fungi) are alive and ready to help your plants. 
Feeding the soil that feeds us.
Vermicompost is great for all plants; edibles, lawns, potted plants, ornamentals and succulents. Being naturally slow release, there is no danger of burning a plant by over fertilizing with vermicompost.
Use as a monthly fertilizer for potted plants, mix into planters, add to seed starting mixes, or use right in the garden soil for stronger healthier plants. 
We love too...
Set up vermicomposting systems
Teach Classes and Wormshops
Offer vermicompost for sale
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